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Upon Which We Lay the Cards public
fiction 13 min read

Upon Which We Lay the Cards

The rune on the inside of Yaza's wrist fades until only itchy skin remains. For Yaza, it would be more epic if it would hurt. Somehow, that would make a better story. Magic is supposed to be painful.…
Frivolous Comma
A Door, A Guide, An Anchor public
fiction 15 min read

A Door, A Guide, An Anchor

For the Eziaghala sisters, their voices an echo through the burial grounds, the ritual was the only way. Two days ago, their only brother, Agadi, sovereign of the blood throne of Umukegwu, had died in his sleep. The sisters knew what was coming for them.…
Frivolous Comma
440 Broad Street, Apartment 4C public
fiction 16 min read

440 Broad Street, Apartment 4C

By the time the emergency broadcast confirms the alien invasion, I imagine government officials worldwide have long been in their bunkers. Likewise, preppers—who’d seen this day coming—get the last laugh as they hunker down with their supplies and weapons.…
Frivolous Comma
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