About Frivolous Comma

About Frivolous Comma

Frivolous Comma is a space for creators to find curiosities that help them in their journey as writers, illustrators, animators...storytellers.  And it's with a particular eye towards stories by underrepresented folx (both culturally and geographically), that we're curating creators and their work of speculation, be they illustrations, short fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.

Speculative fiction is seeing a surge in interest, from written and illustrated works, to audio and on to movies and TV.  One would think we're approaching something of a peak. But how can stories that reimagine our past, or recast our present, or posit different futures ever peak?  It would mean that we've stopped imagining, or that we've stopped listening to or seeking out those that do imagine.  And there's a larger world where people are imagining all sorts of different lives.

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Who we are

We're a group of volunteers passionate about elevating and showcasing diverse writers and creators of speculative fiction.  We all have day jobs and would one day like for this to be all we think about.  But we love science fiction, fantasy, horror and any other genre that puts a twist on how we perceive the world and everything in it.

Frivolous Comma is co-edited and published by Chirag Richards-Desai. You can find him on Twitter.

Why Support Frivolous Comma?

You already know about our passion around the stories you all create.  But we're here for more than your stories.  You've heard this said a million times: "Writing is a solitary endeavor."  And while it may be true, we all have voices from people, places, animals, the world we interact with everyday.  We're about building an intentional community for writers and artists. Help us build this.

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