Be Frivolous with Us

Be Frivolous with Us
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Below you'll see roles we need help with.  Unless the post says otherwise, all positions currently are voluntary.

First Readers

We're looking for new volunteer first readers to join our team.

Our first readers read some of the incoming fiction submissions and decide whether to pass them along to the fiction editors. Considering we're a diverse speculative fiction publisher, we very much welcome readers from underrepresented backgrounds.

The role and what it takes

  • Read a portion of the submitted stories each week and write a brief summary and comment for each, including characteristics we may be looking for.
  • Pass good and interesting stories along to editors.
  • Reject the ones you didn't like.


  • Reliability & consistency: we rely on first readers to help us through the volume of submissions. We prefer folx who will consistently read a smaller set of stories each week, rather than someone who binges occassionally.
  • Discretion: you can say you are a first reader at FC; but please don't discuss or post details about what you're reading etc anywhere.
  • Ability to work well with others in a remote setting.

Time commitment

You will need to read, summarize, and comment on at 3-5 stories a week. In our experience this equates to around five hours per week of reading, plus up to two hours per week of writing summaries, and comments. Easy targets: plan on at least 5 hours per week.

Commitment to stay on for at least six months after an initial one-month trial period.

Apply Here

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