by Claire McNerney

we used to meet in the drowned station
  Lena and I
   her happy to dive down
  and I to swim up
   we shared our stories in the gray-bright of the epipelagic
   and danced around the benches under the support beams
we used to meet in the drowned station
  my best friend and I

until my people sent a storm
and hers a nuclear bomb
  our homes were destroyed in fire water poison deluge
  both sea and land left nothing but agonized debris
still I wait in the drowned station
  this intermediate structure-ghost that remains
  and wonder if I am likewise a ghost
   if so, why is she not here, too?

© 2023 Claire McNerney

About the Author

Claire McNerney writes, creates, and performs in her home state of California, where she currently attends UCSD. She enjoys, among other things, busking poetry on her 1930's typewriter. Her writing appears in Los Suelos, Proton Reader, and Cossmass Infinities. Follow her on Twitter @claire_mcnerney or Instagram @o.h.c.l.a.i.r.e

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