Feb 15, 2022 2 min read

Systems, spec-fic spaces, and one for the kiddos!

Systems, spec-fic spaces, and one for the kiddos!

Happy Tuesday fellow frivolous!

I started watching Babylon 5 out of a whim and a growing curiosity of "future visions" from the past.  There's also some new around its reboot, which seems to be delayed until 2023.  I also started watching it after a recent conversation around systems and people's lives within those.  The first couple of episodes (I'm slow at watching shows) set up a deep universe while unwrapping the challenges of creating a neutral space for multi-cultural existence and discourse.  I'm gaining an inkling on why this show has earned such devoted fans over the years.

Speaking of spaces, check out the findings below for this week!

Studio Ghibli's Theme Park scheduled to open up in November

The pandemic had better be done by then.  I've never been to any theme parks to date.  And several of them would be fun to visit.  But Studio Ghibli's theme park is something of a bucket-list experience.

Convergence Station in Denver,CO

I've visited Denver several times, but never knew this existed!  I don't know of many science-fiction themed museums or spaces, so this fills me with much joy and admiration.  Anyone who's been there, tell us how you liked this!

Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station | Immersive Art
The Quantum Department of Transportation welcomes you to the first multiversal transit station serving Earth!

Early fame

An eight-year old wrote and illustrated an adventure story, snuck it into his library, and now there's a wait-list for the book.  Kids inspiring kids.

~Photo by Marius George Oprea / Unsplash

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