I'm in a terrible place.  Terrible because of where it is I stand, and even more terrible because of what I see in front of me.  A cold, dry, dusty perch high up overlooking a sprawling garden and lush forest beyond it.  There are trees with fruits that sparkle with bright fruit, bushes with small delights shaking and giggling in bunches.  But there's dust that keeps getting in my eyes and I keep having to rub them.  And each time I open them, I discover a new tree, closer this time.  I look down and see four, no five, no...TWELVE paths leading down, each with a little snake sibilantly singing and calling me towards it.

I'm between books folks.  And I'm have so many I want to read, I'm actually in paralysis.  This, is horror.  It's maybe the equivalent of staring at a blank page with ideas screaming through one's head, but wondering if the first set of words will doom the entire endeavor to hell.

But, not to end on such a horrible note, I will give you your weekly curios without further delay. There's a couple I'm super happy about.


I'm super thrilled to see these folks release their first issue of South Asian stories. The stories are...overflowing with ideas, history, mythology and humanity, and rich, rich speculation.  Great selection of stories and writers!

Inheritors of Power by Juliette Wade

This is Book 3 of the The Broken Trust series just released on Feb 22. While I typically try not to introduce a sequel in this newsletter, I came across Wade's Big Idea discussion on John Scalzi's blog which is fascinating insight into her worldbuilding for this series.

Cataclysmic history of the Mediterranean Sea

This is fascinating; and Sowden has more threads that will keep you clicking.

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