Jun 21, 2022 2 min read

Glass Magic, Pride SFF Films, & a Kickstarter

The first Men in Black movie is nostalgic for me.  It's similar to my first SFF book I read which got me into this genre.  The aliens, the secret agency, the idea that aliens were motley and plentiful and amongst us...this was all perfect.  As I think back on it, the next iteration of MIB (if ever we truly need this) should be a darker one I think - with a focus on the challenges of living life on Earth from the perspective of aliens.  But that's just me.

I bring this up because I remember one of the coolest moments in that movie was the end credits where our galaxy zooms out and our universe turns into a marble as part of a game being played by aliens.  I'm sure we're all aware of multiverses; but I haven't come across stories (or shows) that explore this idea of nested universes.  There was some scientific discussion back in 2010 which theorized that blackholes led to other universes, but I'm not sure about the current status of the theory.  Any of you read stories along these lines?

Enjoy the finds this week!

Pride Month SF Films From DUST

I've called out DUST films in the past, and they continue to do a great job of crafting these stories and short videos.  In honor of pride month, they've curated a list of films showcasing LGBTQ+ production teams and story protagonists.

In the Shadow of Lightning by Brian McClellan (out today)

I've never read anything by Brian McClellan before, but his interview and discussion about "industrial magic" in his newest book caught my eye.  His world's magic is structured around glass, and I'm curious how he teases out the nuances of glass-based magic.  The story is about Demir Grppo, a self-exiled "glassdancer", someone who can directly control godglass, the magic that civilization runs on.  When his mother is murdered, he's pulled back into the politics and social structures he'd originally fled.

On my tipping TBR.

Strange Horizons 2023 Kickstarter

This magazine along with its sister publication, Samovar, publish some fantastic authors and surprising stories.  Give them some love as they prep for their next season, if you can.

That's it for this week folks!

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