Jul 5, 2021 2 min read

3 Things To Note (July 5, '21)

3 Things To Note (July 5, '21)

Happy July all!

So I (we, the Frivolous, really) have something of a grand update for everyone. June went by in some re-thinking for FC's content planning.  Sending you wonderful folk something to read just once a month isn't enough, particularly when there's SO MUCH to read and keep up on.

So, starting this very letter, each week I'll be publishing a "3 Things To Note" post 1 to 2 times a week.  A longer newsletter will be bi-weekly covering new releases, occasional reviews, and news I find interesting enough to share.  In every case, I hope you'll send me notes and feedback so this newsletter remains relevant, interesting, and most of all: fun.

For our first roundup - couple of SFF awards and some wild news.

Quick note: If you purchase something through a Bookshop affiliate link might result in a small commission.

Locus Award Winners

These were announced June 26th and includes a solid list of nominees and winners.  Martha Wells won in the science fiction category for her latest in her Murderbot Series, The Network Effect.  I haven't read this entry yet, but have read the first in her series and am thoroughly hooked.  Also, after you've read one of these, do check out https://twitter.com/MurderBotBot - the tweets are wonderfully in character.

Winners also include The City We Became by N. K. Jemisin for fantasy, and Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia for horror.  I haven't read either of these.  However, I'm almost done with Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse, which was nominated for fantasy.  I'll have more thoughts on this once I'm done and have read some of her other work.

The Kitschies 2020 Shortlist

I'd heard of these awards in passing a while back, but never looked into it until now.  This year's shortlist has a broad variety of nominees for the different "tentacle" awards.  You can take a look at the list; of these I have The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson (I'm a fan of his Mars Trilogy) and Piranesi by Susanna Clarke on my TBR pile.

Fire in the ocean

Last Friday night, there were reports of a gas pipeline that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, setting the water on fire.  Images of spraying water because the water is on fire is rather meta.  The video is rather stunning: https://twitter.com/MLopezSanMartin/status/1411059695503261697

That's all for this round.  I'll see you all later in the week.  As always, send me a note on what you're reading, listening to, or watching.


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